Natalia Vasylyuk, Avangardco IPL, Makes TOP-50 Successful Women of Ukraine Rating

BUSINESS Magazine has published its annual TOP-50 Successful Women of Ukraine rating. One of the winners in the nomination ‘Industry’ is Ms. Natalia Vasylyuk, CEO of Avangardco IPL, a leading European producer of chicken eggs and egg products selling eggs in Ukraine under the trade mark of Kvochka.

BUSINESS Magazine selects the best businesswomen of the country once a year. The editors present their own list of candidates made up of top achievers among Ukrainian businesswomen and offer their readership to vote for their preferred candidates in each industry. The editorial board also awards prizes in its own special nominations to businesswomen with outstanding achievements. The goal of BUSINESS’s annual TOP-50 Successful Women of Ukraine rating is to tell the stories of women at the helm of leading, innovative and vibrant businesses and industries. The magazine believes that those women inspire others by example and set new trends in Ukraine’s business environment. As part of the project, winners are selected in 8 nominations, e.g. Industry, Finance, Retail, etc. Ms. Natalia Vasylyuk, CEO of Avangardco IPL (a part of the Ukrlandfarming Group) has been recognised in the top nomination of Industry.(www.business.ua).

Natalia Vasylyuk: “This award is both exciting and a token of trust. Avangardco IPL has for years been maintaining a leadership position among egg producers in Ukraine and Eurasia despite the substantial loss of assets in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. We are expanding export sales and >working hard to ensure that Ukrainian consumers have access to the freshest Kvochka eggs. Hardships have made us stronger. I would like to share my award with my team, it’s through our joint efforts that we have succeeded in achieving such outstanding results”.

Other winners included Ms. Ludmila Rusalina, founder and CEO of the Petrus holding company, Ms. Anna Nasikovska, co-owner of the real estate development company DIM Group and Olena Storchag, CEO of Ukraflora”.

Avangardco IPL is Ukraine’s and Europe’s largest producer of chicken eggs and dried egg products incorporating 19 laying farms, factory farms, feed mills, long-term egg storage facilities and a biogas plant. Avangardco IPL also includes Imperovo Foods, an egg processing plant producing egg products, one of Europe’s most technology advanced egg breaker plants. The company exports its products to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, CIS and EU.