In order to minimize the risk of disease and epidemics among the poultry population, the Сompany has implemented a wide range of measures in line with international practices.

Strict control prevents contact between the population and carriers of diseases such as wild birds and vermin. 

We contain the birds indoors; every production facility is surrounded by a disinfection barrier and is located at least 300-1,200 meters from the nearest settlements.

The Сompany’s laying farms use a separate rearing system for birds of different age in order to prevent transmission of infection from the older population to the younger.

During maintenance breaks in the production process, production sites are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Our farms are located at a large distance from one another to make it possible to enforce an emergency quarantine in case of contagious disease outbreaks.

We control feed delivery, minimise contact between humans and poultry flock, and follow the practice of thorough selection of breeding stock more resistant to disease.

We vaccinate all chickens in our incubators against Newcastle disease, Marek’s disease, bronchitis, IBD and other diseases in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. The Сompany’s facilities have never registered a case of avian flu, Newcastle disease or Marek’s disease.

Laying farm employees are prohibited from keeping birds in their households.

We constantly monitor the health of our employees as well as of the poultry population.

In addition, we have strict biosecurity measures in place at our compound feed mills. This includes limited access, disinfection barriers and disinfection of warehouses, as well as regular spot checks of raw materials and finished feed at local and regional laboratories.

The Сompany’s structure includes specialised laboratories staffed with highly qualified employees. All employees are required to pass mandatory training before working at the company; we regularly check and update their knowledge of compliance with biosecurity rules.