2.6 bln shell еggs produced in 2018

2.6 bln 
shell еggs produced
in 2018

29.01.2013Trading Update for Q4 2012 and FY 2012
30.01.2013Extraordinary General Meeting (Cyprus)
05.03.2013Audited Financial Results for 2012
16.04.-17.04.2013Sberbank. The Russia Forum 2013 (Moscow)
29.05-31.05.2013Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Emerging Markets Corporate Conference (Miami)
30.05.2013Trading Update and Financial Results for Q1 2013
04.06.2013BCP Securities. VIII Annual Moscow Investor Conference (Moscow)
06.06. -07.06.2013Warsaw Stock Exchange. IPO Summit (Warsaw)
28.06.-29.06.2013Investor Day
30.07.2013Trading Update for 1H 2013
26- 27.08.2013Wood&Co Agri Conference (Warsaw)
30.08.2013Audited Financial Results for 1H 2013
05.09.-06.09.2013Sberbank CIB “Russia: The Inside Track” One-on-One Conference (London)
30.09.-01.10.2013Citi. Frontier Markets (London)
25.10.2013Trading Update for 9m 2013
29.11.2013Financial Results for 9m2013
4.12-5.12.2013Emerging Europe Conference, Wood&Co (Prague)