#1 producer in Ukraine #1 producer in Europe

#1 producer in Ukraine
#1 producer in Europe

29.01.2013Trading Update for Q4 2012 and FY 2012
30.01.2013Extraordinary General Meeting (Cyprus)
05.03.2013Audited Financial Results for 2012
16.04.-17.04.2013Sberbank. The Russia Forum 2013 (Moscow)
29.05-31.05.2013Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Emerging Markets Corporate Conference (Miami)
30.05.2013Trading Update and Financial Results for Q1 2013
04.06.2013BCP Securities. VIII Annual Moscow Investor Conference (Moscow)
06.06. -07.06.2013Warsaw Stock Exchange. IPO Summit (Warsaw)
28.06.-29.06.2013Investor Day
30.07.2013Trading Update for 1H 2013
26- 27.08.2013Wood&Co Agri Conference (Warsaw)
30.08.2013Audited Financial Results for 1H 2013
05.09.-06.09.2013Sberbank CIB “Russia: The Inside Track” One-on-One Conference (London)
30.09.-01.10.2013Citi. Frontier Markets (London)
25.10.2013Trading Update for 9m 2013
29.11.2013Financial Results for 9m2013
4.12-5.12.2013Emerging Europe Conference, Wood&Co (Prague)